We are seeking assistance in sales and networking for our publications and APP.  
If you have people skills and basic knowledge of technology, we want to talk to you. This is designed for people who live on Nantucket and would like additional income.

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Are you able to multi-task and be involved with multiple businesses?
 If you are a business minded person, then you know what it takes to super-charge a brand.  But can you do it all?  Do you want to do it all?  
We want to develop strategic alliances to work with multi-faceted people like you.   

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If you know adobe, then you know the potential. We are looking for help from print and digital professionals who are established
to work remotely.
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Internships available for 2016!

We’re passionate about what we do. Creativity, awesome concepts, and enthusiastic high-fives are just a few of the things that excite us. We're also looking for people who will not only thrive on innovation, but who will also contribute in pushing the company forward.  If you are looking to develop a career in marketing or publishing - let us know.

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Communications from Nantucket


Yes, our home base is on an island off the coast of Cape Cod, MA.  And yes, we communicate around the globe with our clients AND our associates.

  • Digital Marketing: Inbound Marketing & Business strategy
  • Creative: Branding, Campaigns, Multimedia
  • Publishing: Content Development, Illustrations & Imaging

We like left and right brain thinkers!

  • Branding, Advertising Campaigns, Multimedia
  • Digital Marketing-Inbound Marketing
  • Publishing, Content Development, Illustrations